The Many Faces of a Tarpon Fisherman – A Photo Essay

Fly fishing is one of the most demanding, but rewarding type of fishing around.  It requires skill, knowledge, concentration, Margaritaville music, and, yes, luck.  It might be instructive to record the many phases of this sport, from the point of view of the fisherman.  I think that you’ll agree that you can learn the whole story of this sport by watching the expressions on the face of the angler from starting out to finally relaxing after the catch.  You can learn so much from the arching of an eyebrow, the curling of a lip, the scowling of a brow, or the appearance of a dimple.  So, without further ado, and mindful of the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, here is what it’s like to catch a tarpon on fly…


Scanning The Horizon For Fins



Notice the excitement as he spots a school of HUGE Tarpon!



Concentrating as he retrieves the fly



Total Excitement as Tarponzilla lunges at the fly!



Notice the Determined Grimace as He Sets the Hook!



He’s in awe as the tarpon jumps and jumps and jumps!



The Look of Fear as it Charges the Boat and Tries To Jump In!



Relief as the Huge Beast Comes Alongside and is Released!



Satisfaction and Pride While Relaxing After the Fight!

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